More than “Just Piano Tuning”

Just like an automobile, a house, or a washing machine wear and tear occurs and things break down. When this happens they must be repaired. A good professional service of your piano includes a watchful eye from a technician who wishes to keep your piano going and working well for many years. Some fractured glue joints on this key cover made it inoperable. Something like this might cause one to say that pianos not very good. Far from the truth!  It just needed a repair. This repair will allow the player many more years of happy playing. At Dan Alberts Piano Service we take pride in maintaining your piano at its optimum level so that your playing experience is a pleasant one. 

Performance – State Theatre in Uniontown

Benefiting the homeless, Levi Graft will be performing at the State Theatre in Uniontown, PA on Saturday, November 16th at 7:00 PM. You won’t want to miss it!

levi graft performancelevi graft performance


Veterans Day Program

The McKeesport Music Department has developed a rich history for their Veterans Day Program. Veterans were recently honored on November 11, 2019 at The McKeesport High School. The annual celebration was launched in 2006 under the joint direction of choral director Beth Eger, band director Drew DeCarlo, and Orchestra Director Sarah Persin. Dan Alberts Piano Service stands proudly to salute and honor all those who have served, those presently serving, and those that will serve in the future.

Bench Repair

A routine piano service should include more than just piano tuning. A good technician will inspect many things on your piano including the bench. When I arrived at this new client’s home, the top of the bench had sustained damage from the child rearing days. The top had been pulled from its hinges and was totally separated from the rest of the bench. I was able to make a very nice repair by fixing the damaged and split out wood and refitting the hinges. This piano bench should now last for many years. Another big reason for maintaining a bench is the cost for a replacement bench. New piano benches start around $350!

Oh, by the way, if you’re in need of a new bench, we have a very nice selection.

Sounds Better, Feels Better, Plays Better

In short, this is what Dan Alberts Piano Service can do for your piano. Make it sound better, feel better, and play better. This will help you enjoy your piano playing much more.

Raising Pitch

Should anyone have questions about their pianos, feel free to visit our FAQs page where many insightful facts are being listed. One of the topics posted so far is concerning pitch and whether you should raise it. 

Has it been awhile since you have had your piano tuned? Even though your piano might not getting use, the wood still expands and contracts with season changes. You can learn more about these topics by clicking here, or by contacting Dan or Levi to schedule your tuning today!

Piano Day Pittsburgh

Join us downtown in the cultural district at PPG Place, Market Square, Heinz Hall, and Katz Plaza and experience a full day of music of all genres!

FREE and OPEN to the public, as well as family friendly, so make a day of it and get downtown! Bring friends, take pictures, and take part in the greater Pittsburgh community.

More Information About the Day
Pittsburgh has always been a nurturing home to the arts. From the start in 1758, Pittsburgh boasted the largest music halls in the country as well as great music educators and music education in every public institution. Pittsburgh has been home to some of the greatest piano players, conductors, opera singers, and composers of the 20th century.

In 2016, Piano Day Pittsburgh had its humble beginnings as a local piano technician, Peter Stumpf, wished to use the piano to once again build community among Pittsburgh residents. He strapped a gorgeous Steinway & Sons piano to the back of a flat-bed truck and, with the help of a handful of volunteers, drove it around the city for any and everyone to enjoy.

Every year since we have grown our Piano Day Pittsburgh event to reach larger audiences, gather more performers, and bring more music to our cultural district. This year, we’ve decided to do something a little different. On August 25th, we will once again take over the downtown cultural district of Pittsburgh with four pianos stationed at four locations; however, we’re dedicating one entire site to the talented female musicians from Pittsburgh’s past and present.

Join us at this location to experience everything that female Pittsburgh musicians have to offer. Learn about great women in music throughout history and enjoy the music that has inspired creativity in our great city.


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Heinz Hall – Classical
12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
PPG Place – Women in Music
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Katz Plaza – Open to all piano (anyone can play)
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Market Square – All Genres

Atkins Music 50 Years of Service

 Saturday July 20, 2019 the City of Connellsville honored Atkins Music for 50 years of business in the city. Denise Friel took a position as a clerk just after graduating high school in 1969. She has spent her entire life devoted to promoting the positive benefits of music and to our community. After Mr. Atkins death in 1993, Denise Friel went on to purchase Atkins Music in 1994. Denise has been a major contributor of music in our community. In addition, she has been an outstanding citizen always willing to lend her support to the city of Connellsville and surrounding communities. We at Dan Alberts Piano wish to extend our honor and appreciation for her commitment and wish Atkins Music many more years of prosperity.

Humidity and Your Piano

Just a reminder, as spring has arrived and with the warmer weather comes higher humidity levels. Recently, preparing a piano for the upcoming choral concert at McKeesport High School we registered the humidity level at a reading of 64.3%. Ideal temperatures for optimal piano care is 68-72 degrees. Recommended humidity levels 45-50%. The more the environment changes from the ideal temperature and humidity recommendations where the piano is housed; the more fluctuations one can expect with their piano. Pianos will tend to go sharp in the summer months and flat during winter months. This is the reason all major piano manufacturers recommend tuning at least twice a year.

Easter Video

If you by chance were sad because you missed Levi Graft playing his Easter Greetings for Dan Alberts Piano Service, “Morning Is Broken”, weep no longer! We have started a YouTube channel so we can share the beauty with everyone who would like to enjoy. Click on this link and enjoy!

Piano Technology Lecture at IUP

Dan Alberts and Levi Graft present a lecture on Piano Technology for Dr. Henry Wong Doe and piano majors at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Alberts discussed the basics of Piano Technology and various sizes and models of pianos while Graft demonstrated an outstanding presentation on “Equal Temperament”.  A fun day of student and faculty interaction around the concert Steinway & Sons grand piano.

Damper Regulation and Repair

Levi Graft making adjusting damper regulation and making repairs in the under belly of a Steinway & Sons 9 foot Concert Grand. 

Broken Agraffe is Repaired

A broken agraffe in need of repair on a Steinway & Sons Model B. More pictures illustrating the condition and the repair below.

Achieving Concert Level Touch/Feel and Evenness

From one note to the next, touch/feel and evenness is essential. This regulation of touch weight on a grand action was completed on a Steinway & Sons Model D. With precise and time consuming work, optimal performance was achieved.

Concert Grand Loses Leg

This Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand piano; valued at $153,000; had a broken leg. Dan Alberts Piano Service was able to repair this beautiful instrument and give it new life.