An outstanding Celebration of 50 Years of Connellsville Musicals. Honoring Merle L. Stutzman the man who started the tradition in 1970. Also, honoring the late Mr. Henry Molinaro for his contribution and caring attitude for his students. Current director Michelle Harbaugh was also in attendance and spoke briefly about the program before racing off for the Saturday evening curtain call. The event brought our community together to celebrate a very special occasion. The afternoon was filled with performances from past cast members. A great number of these folks have advanced their careers earning bachelors, masters, and even doctorate degrees in the field of music. Teaching at high schools, colleges, and universities around the country. One former cast member has made his way to the big time and currently performing on Broadway. What a long and rich tradition Connellsville has established in supporting music and musical theater. The Saturday event drew over 300 people together for the dinner/celebration and then off to a sold out house of the performance “Little Mermaid”. At the opening of the performance Mr. Stutzman was honored and advised of the newly founded annual Merle L. Stutzman Musical Scholarship Award. What a classy celebration for some classy individuals. Many thanks to those who worked very hard over the past year to bring such a celebration for the city of Connellsville.

Very grateful and thankful to Chip Rowan, Barry Craig, Justin Teets and the entire committee that worked tirelessly to make this event a possibility. Great job folks.

Also, a big thank you to Tom and Linda Sparks, from Sparks Catering, for decorating the hall and providing the dinner. Another great job and fantastic evening.